GAME 1: Newest Member of the Familia Can’t Change Old Issues


Here it is for you real quick, Mets get out to an early lead to a now human-like Strasburg but like the Mets of the past it’s the bullpen that screws the perfect opening day story for a resurgent club with a lot to prove. Bobby Parnell, who every one should now know is the most one-dimensional pitcher around. Sure he is a fireballer, but he has nothing else going for him. Enough said, when the game is on the line like usual he finds a way to blow the save opportunity, and allowing the fans to get some free baseball (For those who stuck around, looked pretty empty to me). Then Terry throws out Jeurys Familia…. This is when it was tough to watch. Lack of control, two basehits, some wild pitches and a sac fly later and the Mets were down a run. Finally, he gets the hook, and then John Lannan gives up a 3-run homer, and that is how you don’t close out a baseball game.

Once the Mets get your hopes up, be ready for disappointment……. Until David Wright steps up and proves he earned the title of “Face of the MLB” and clutch AF. Oh yea the Mets still lose… but all this means is the Mets are one game closer to the playoffs. #optiMETStic



4 Upsets that will have me UPSET


My favorite time of the year, the Thursday and Friday that make the other 363 days in the year worth living, and lucky me for the first time in my 19 year life I will  be able to enjoy the best days in sports (in my opinion) no interruption, for about 12 hours straight each day. That’s right its the “Second Round” of the NCAA Tournament. To me with a few days left before the glory days begin, I’ll offer out some advice and tell everyone an upset that I will be picking in each region. Oh yeah, and in my opinion if a 9-seed beats an 8-seed it is never considered upset.

But first let me give you a little resume of why I can be deemed the “King of Picking Upsets”.

2013 Correct Upsets: 11 Minnesota, 12 Oregon, 12 Ole Miss…. Close Call: 14 Davidson (loss by 1) and Blown Call: 11 Belmont 13 New Mexico St

2012 Correct: 11 NC State, 12 South Florida ….Close Call: 14 St. Bonaventure (loss by 3) …Blown: 12 Long Beach St (loss by 7)

2011 Correct: 13 Morehead State, 11 Marquette….Blown 14 Wofford (loss by 8)

From above the Close calls are the ones that have aged me significantly but anyway here we go:

South:  12 SF Austin over 5 VCU. SF Austin dominated their conference championship game as well as most of their season, as they have won 28 straight. VCU on the other hand does not have great scoring but they pride themselves on defense. Although, defense wins championships a lack of scoring can’t always be made up for.

East: 15 Milwaukee over 2 Villanova. Let this one sink in before you call me crazy. Milwaukee has a higher BPI (In my opinion the most accurate rating of NCAA teams) than Seton Hall. Villanova truly has not proven themselves. They haven’t had a win against a ranked opponent since November…. Where they beat Iowa in OT and barely squeaked it out against Kansas by 4 in Kansas’s 6th game of the season. Since then they have lost to Syracuse, and got murdered by Creighton (2x). HISTORY LESSON, the last time Nova lost their opening round Big East Game and then received a #2 seed was 2010…Nova barely won 73-70 in OT against 15 Robert Morris. All in all, this game will probably upset me the most as it will be real close, and Milwaukee will fail to close the deal. But if I was given a spread I would take this game in a second.

West: 12 North Dakota State over 5 Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a high scoring team, with not that strong of a defense. This will be exploited by ND State who leads the nation in FG% as well as holding their opponents to about 65 ppg. They also come in red hot being winners of 9 straight compared to an Oklahoma squad that is 6-4 in the last 10 games. The X-Factor could be Taylor Braun on ND State who shoots 44% from behind the arc.

North: You can be safe picking both of the Last 4 in teams in the 12 vs 5 St. Louis or 11 vs UMass. I am much more confident in the latter with Iowa or Tennessee over UMass, simply because UMass is not doing it for me. UMass being from the A-10 I believe gets way too much credit. They have mediocre stats and I like one of the big conferences in this game. Iowa is ranked 21 in the BPI and Tennessee almost knocked off the top seeded Gators in their last action. Same goes for the 12 vs 5 St. Louis game. However, much more hesitant in this game because I feel like St. Louis is being undervalued, yet it won’t surprise me especially if it is NC State, to get a W led behind ACC player of the year T.J. Warren and played the Dukies close.

BONUS: Alright this may be biased because of my hatred of Duke, but Duke typically never preforms well in the tournament. Playing Mercer, from the same conference FGCU came from, and Mercer is among the top 15 3pt % shooting teams in the nation. Making 3’s is key for an upset. Although, I did say that Duke typically loses early in the big dance but they also usually don’t have such talent in a freshman like Jabari Parker.

Other than that Good Luck to all, and remember if you pick some upsets do not be surprised if you end up UPSET.

White Man’s Burden: Show Love Some Love

SHOW him love

What’s up with all of this talk about LaMarcus Aldridge getting all of this MVP talk. I’m tired year after year Kevin Love getting disgraced by the league, and other analysts by putting up other names in front of him. Sure LaMarcus is having an excellent season, and had a very good outing on Wed. adding 32 points and grabbing 18 boards. But if you look at the numbers, they don’t lie.(sorry for punning that terrible ESPN show that they use to fill time while all of us sports fans are at work.) But Love even this year is still averaging more points, rebounds and assists then Aldridge. In addition, Kevin shows more versatility by shooting 39% from three this season.

The numbers clearly love K.Love, then why is this an argument. Part of the reason has to be because Kevin is whiter than a marshmallow. We the fans love athletic play and that’s why he is often forgotten about. He isn’t flashy or have any “Swag” but the man stuffs stat sheets better than my mother stuffed our turkey this year at Thanksgiving.  In my opinion, a guy that is consistently top 5 in the league in points and rebounds, is pretty “Swag”ed out. He doesn’t need a nickname, or some arm sleeves to make me realize that when he steps on the court he will deliver some extraordinary numbers.

Although, I sadly realize that once again we will give this MVP award to the greatest player of our generation (Mr. LeBron James) and that much of this argument will be useless I will not give up. I live in a country that pulled one of the biggest upsets of all-time (sorry for the reminder UK readers) and if that has taught me anything its not to give up. That is why I would like to announce, that Dart Boy Sports will be leading/launching the Kevin Love for MVP campaign “Show Him LOVE”.  I think that all of us K.Love supporters can gather together and generate enough noise we can allow our hero to finally gain enough support to help finally capture that trophy that has eluded him before.

Another Strike for America’s (Way Passed its Time) Pastime


The days that Baseball can be considered, America’s game is long gone. To be quite frank attendances league wide are down, and there’s a general loss of interest in a game that once dominated the hearts of Americans. Even Wall Street Journal, is researching why and found that in a three hour game, just 18 minutes of actual action occur. Last year I was trying to think what makes this game so much different than the one played many years ago. One thing that came clear to me is that in our day and age baseball is missing something, A Hero.

Our generation doesn’t have a Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig. We can’t even settle for a Honus Wagner or Ty Cobb. Any of the names in Cooperstown that built this game up, and we have no one to compare. Instead in this time of confusion , of what to do with PEDs, we are just stuck in the shadows of Bonds, Clemons and AROD, just a group of villains. This is why last year I was excited when Yasiel Puig was doing exceptional. For the first time in a while I thought that he maybe could be the one. Him along with other young faces like, Mike Trout could bring the game back to where it once was. However, it seems this dream is shattering as Puig, can’t even drive a motor vehicle. Come on Yasiel, he no longer reminds me of a hero, but that younger brother always asking for rides(I’ll admit this was me) and not even bothering to pay for gas. Although, I admire him taking some action, how hard is it to just drive the speed limit? As Puig is getting chauffeured around, and as I cross him off my list of candidates, I’ll continue to climb up in Gotham and turn on the old lamp waiting for that hero to come.


Jsobes Winter Olympic Power Rankings


There’s not too many things like the Olympics. It has Fashion and Art in the opening ceremonies, Drama with the heavy favorites choking and the sub-par rigged judging, the Underdog stories, that we all then feel like we are good friends with these soon to be celebrities, that will soon destroy that by being caught ripping a bong at some party( Don’t worry Phelps, still love you)  and most importantly the Sports. Add all of this together and it makes for two weeks of great Television. Although i am more of a summer Olympic guy myself, any Olympics is a great time for us, as Americans, to remind us that we still are athletically superior than everyone else. And with that I will begin the Official jsobes power rankings of  this year’s top events,

5. Bob Costas’s Rants

It isn’t an Olympics if Bob doesn’t try to connect a “This is More than Sports” moment. Especially after the 2010 Olympics when he was upstaged by a commercial depicting a monkey doing gymnastics just after him given a signature spiel on how Gabby Douglas winning gold(which was awesome) gives hope to African-American girls that you don’t have to be a 16 year Russian brat, or a 14 year old Chinese girl to be the world’s best gymnast.

This year I’ll put my money on some heated address on backwards Russian Government’s Anti-Gay laws, after some male figure skater steals the show, and skates away as he flips Putin the bird. All in all, more than the events I’m excited to get two weeks of Costas more than anything else.

4. Skeleton

Basically for those who have no idea what this is, you grab a little  sled/toboggan thing,  and speed down a winding half tube going up to 80 mph….. oh yeah head first of course. No idea where the name comes from but maybe its because if you screw up you are going to end up being that skeleton in the elementary school science classroom. My favorite part is you knows these were there kids when that went straight for that hill in the neighborhood that all of us were too scared to go down when it snowed. Better yet these were the kids who would avoid the snow and sled right down the ice. Also, they might have been the kid who got insulted when you called his toboggan, a sled. In my opinion the scoring of this should be changed for a timed event to more of a survival event. The three people who suffer the least amount of major injuries will be awarded medals. All in all, it a must watch and it brings me to Sobes First rule of Olympics The Events you have barely heard of are USUALLY the most fun to watch”.


3.Ski Jumping

This isn’t the ordinary rich guy taking the family to Vail ski event. This is one of my favorites, because its just a couple of Guys and Girls, as its the first time for the women’s ski jump, going down a slope as fast as they can, and then taking air, feeling the wind come at them while they are in the futuristic 2125 Under Armour suits, which probably some how heats them as wind blows against somehow.  All jokes aside this event is sweet because of watching these athletes defy gravity(for a little) as you just sit their on your couch in awe.


Shhhh! Stop the complaints and actually sit down and watch curling, then come at me with your new found love for curling. This is one of the top Winter Olympic sports everyone loves to hate on… everyone except for those with class and also any custodian. You go in to the office early or stay late and the cleaning crew will be reenacting curling highlights on some freshly waxed floor, brooms in all. With the so much strategy required, it is not a sport, although how it looks, that any one can do. With curling at number tow this can only leave…

1. Biathlon

This event should actually  not be in the Olympics, yet be its own event that we are all mandated to watch every year. Who ever the winner is shall be called the “Baddest Man in the Universe”. These guys are skiing around, then have to walk with skis and also have to shoot a rifle. This event is so European dominated because I feel like the Best US candidates aren’t competing. We need to go into the backwoods of West Virginia and find us some mountain men naturals( Your Welcome Disney because there’s an idea for the next best feel good sports you movie you love to make). All jokes aside, this is truly a great event because of how veritable the athletes have to be. When the Olympics come around in a month, you can be sure I’ll mark the dates and be there watching the Biathlon. But until then we can reminisce over last Olympics, king of earth Vincent JAY.

The Shoelace Bandit (ALMOST) Strikes Again

It appears that JR Smith tries to untie Greg Monroe’s shoelace during a free throw attempt. This comes after already receiving a warning from the league after Smith untied Shawn Marion’s shoes earlier this week.

I mean I understand winning at any cost and the 4th grade rec basketball me is loving every minute of this and envious that he didn’t think of this idea when he was playing but shame on you JR. However, the better question is how much of a bitch is Shawn Marion? I mean we all know he shoots like a 12 year old girl, or that ultra nerdy nonathletic dad trying to teach his son to shoot the jumper. But stand up for yourself. Your a grown man, playing in a league full of gangsters and guys who look like they should be playing along side Micheal Irving in the longest yard. Come on Shawn grow up and knock this man out for touching your shoes. Prove to us once, that its okay to shoot like you have T-Rex arms, start a Ron Artest, or should i say a Metta World Peace-like brawl.

***In my future Rec Basketball coaching gig, I will teach all of the kids this on the first day of practice, so I can go around being crowned the Phil Jackson of dads and have so many rings I won’t even be able to send tweets out either.

Why does Conference Pride Exist?

I understand that the SEC has dominated football as a whole for the past few seasons, and not to take away from that success but since when do you celebrate a national title as a conference? The previous two seasons when ‘Bama won the title, I’m sure Auburn fans weren’t celebrating and that’s how it should be. You root for your team and YOUR team only. In matter of fact, if one of my rivals was going to be crowned a champ, I would rather have them be in the same spot as me…. a LOSER. Call me a sore loser or a bad sport, but rather that than have to call my biggest rivals a National Champion.

So take this advice, and let the FSU fans do their  War Chants and keep the ACC chants in our heads.