The NBA: Most Talent-Filled Sport On The Planet

We are about a week into the NBA season, and nobody is playing around. It’s only been a few games, but it seems like every single stud in the league has been playing out of their mind. If you look at the numbers, you could argue there are over 10 guys that could win the MVP this year. What other sport could you ever say that about? This isn’t anything new, either. Year in and year out, we get to watch these superstars do their thing, while new stars are always born. The only sport you could argue we also see this in is baseball, but it is not nearly as consistent. Bryce Harper, the 2015 NL MVP, hit .243 with 24 homeruns this season. He’s still an animal and one of the best players in the MLB, but baseball is the hardest sport ever. You are not going to get that superstar production from every superstar every year. But nowadays, in the NBA, it appears that’s exactly what we are getting.

For one, we have the pleasure of watching LeBron James play basketball. You don’t have to know a single thing about the sport to know that The King is special, and something we will never see again. Whether you love him or hate him, LeBron is in the Finals literally every single year, and with another ring or two we should start seriously questioning who the G.O.A.T. really is. Something many people view as a downside to the NBA is the fact that the East has been so weak and LeBron is so good, it’s a lock for him to make the Finals every year. The only problem with that is the Eastern Conference really isn’t all that bad; LeBron is just that good. We should be appreciating that greatness rather than bugging out over that pass he made in the 4th quarter. The whole “super team” thing does not sit well with many people either, and I don’t understand why. You’re upset to watch Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant play together? Why? The Warriors are going to be a video game brought to life. Unless your name is Stephen A. Smith, it’s not your job to care so much about where players choose to play. I don’t think KD cares how “soft” you think he is. We have to stop scrutinizing every move these guys make, and instead just sit back and enjoy the show.

Despite blowing that 3-1 lead in the Finals, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are a team we will tell our children about. What Curry can do with a basketball defies the laws of gravity, and the fact that Klay Thompson is now the third option on a professional basketball team is absolutely horrifying. If Klay were in the league 20 years ago, he would be a huuuuuuge (fuck Trump) star. You could say that about all of these guys. Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, Kawhi Leonard; and these names aren’t even the household ones. There are so many stars in this sport that many of them never get the shine or credit they deserve. Look at Damian Lillard. He wasn’t an All-Star last year. Dude is a PROBLEM with the ball, and will 100% be in the MVP hunt this year and year’s to come. But nope, didn’t make the cut last year. The NBA is so good the All-Star Game roster isn’t big enough for the amount of All-Stars in the league. Then you have guys like Chris Paul, 8-time All-Star, who has never won a championship. Never came close to winning. If CP3 had a ring on his resume, you could argue that he’s the best point guard ever. The Western Conference is just too good, and he will never reach that plateau. The NBA is not like the MLB where a Bryce Harper slumps all season, but Joe Schmo randomly hits .315 and is an All-Star for a year. No. You already know Russell Westbrook, my pick for the 2016-17 MVP, is going to average close to a triple double this season. You know James Harden is going to be in the running for another scoring title. You know Kyrie Irving is going to be a human highlight reel every single night. It goes on and on, and on TOP of that are the Joe Schmo’s who show out a little bit.

No matter who is playing on ESPN or TNT that night, you’re almost guaranteed to see a beast on the court. Can you say the same about Thursday Night Football? I’d rather watch grass grow. The NBA today is the best it has ever been, and is the most talent-filled sport in the world. The holidays are coming up, let’s be a little more grateful for that.


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