The Definitive Take on DeflateGate

bill belichick

I can’t turn on ESPN without hearing about how Belichick should be banned from the NFL and the Pats should forfeit the Super Bowl, so I figured I’d hit up DBS in its last days before going back to “” ($2/month to make it so unless you guys wanna donate it’s going back).  It’s really a non-story but since it’s the Patriots and there is literally nothing to talk about the week before Super Bowl week, it’s a huge deal.  This happens to the Bears or Falcons in Week 2, how much do you hear about this?  Zero.

Well Dorf, they broke the rules!  Is it really breaking the rules?  Of course.  But then again everyone doctors their footballs and the Patriots have had a target on their back since 2001.  Being by far the most successful franchise in the past 15 years, I’m surprised shit like this doesn’t come out more often.  Call the Patriots cheaters, I don’t care, but if you say you wouldn’t trade places with a Patriots fan, you’re on Penn State level of delusion.  If my team’s gonna cheat I’d rather have them deflate their footballs to a pressure that isn’t even noticably different than normal pressure (refs touch them every play, no?) than have them lead the league in PED suspensions*.

To put the icing on the cake, apparently the NFL were tipped off on #DeflateGate the week prior, and planned to check the Pats’ balls at halftime.  But wait, why would the NFL knowingly let the Patriots cheat for a half of the AFC Championship Game?  Fuck honesty, fuck integrity.  The league literally let the Patriots “cheat” to bust them in more dramatic fashion.

*That would be the Seahawks FYI.  Fuck them, Go Pats.


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