Michael Vick and 50 Cent Confusing the Shit Out of Me on Facebook

Without Twitter and Instagram, I often scroll through the world of Facebook and today I stumbled upon these posts…

connect inmate

Connect Inmate baby!  Damn Mike, you were doing great, just silently hanging out on the sidelines waiting for foot fairy Rex to start you, trying to keep the words “dog” and “jail” out of all Michael Vick related news.  Don’t know what this is doing for you though.  Either way Michael Vick endorsing some sort of product for inmates is hilarious.  And can you just have iPhones in jail?  Mike would know, so I guess so.  Maybe the whole “prison is scary” thing is just exaggerated by the media.  If I had to guess, I’d bet jail is probably just a bunch of dudes playing Words With Friends all day.

50 lgbt

Now this wasn’t posted by 50 but he was mentioned in it so I saw it (obviously I like him on Facebook).  The first thing I thought of when I saw this is how ridiculous it is to spread awareness of LGBT youth homelessness as opposed to youth homelessness in general.  If I was homeless and I asked 50 for some help would he spit on me because I have a girlfriend?  My next thought was the connection between 50 and these gay kids.  No clue why he chose this as a charity to endorse.  There are thousands of other charities out there and literally the ninth word in “Straight to the Bank” is “faggot”.  Don’t know how 12 year old Pierre would like that one.  Weird shit 50.


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