Derek Jeter……You Ruin My Life

Now the intent of this blog is not to bash Derek Jeter. Can’t do it, won’t do it. The intent of this blog is to give you a little insight into why last night represented the 19 years of misery I’ve experienced as a sports fan. There’s few things on this Earth I love more than my New York Mets. And with that love of the Mets comes an utter hatred of the New York Yankees. The team that during my life, has won 5 World Series, and never finished with a losing record. Take a look at the Mets, and their loss last night officially gave them 6 straight seasons of losing baseball. So you can see why my blood boils with hatred for the Yankees and everything about them. And at the center of this evil empire for my entire life, has been none other than Derek Sanderson Jeter. New York’s Golden Boy. And after hearing about his greatness and his perfection for 6 long months, of course last night happens. Of course. It was a metaphor that sums up my entire sports life to a tee. And when I thought that it was finally the Mets turn in New York, that Jeter retiring would be the end of the Yankees as we know them, he goes out there and does something that I’ll have to hear about for another 10 goddamn years. Yeah it was meaningless because the Yankees are out of the playoffs, but literally any other ending would have been fine. I’ve come to the conclusion that the sports gods love seeing me miserable.
I honestly didn’t think last night could happen because it was too perfect, but of course it did. What kind of IDIOT would expect anything else? There has never been a symbol more perfect to personify the horrors of my sports life. But hey, at least Matt Harvey was there to see it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ”ซ. Derek fuckin Jeter.


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