Penn State Being Penn State

I’m making my return to DBS after an almost two month long absence because my blood is BOILING. Penn State students rallying and chanting to put back up the Joe Paterno statue. Honestly, I think the only place on this Earth filled with more brainwashed and delusional people than Happy Valley is North Korea. I would say I’m shocked by what’s going on tonight, but when I think about it, how could I be? They just can’t accept the facts. Joe Paterno knew that Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing children and didn’t do enough. Sure he reported it to his higher ups but c’mon now. (If a teacher sees a kid getting sexually assaulted on school grounds, does he/she go to the principal or the cops? Penn State students would tell you the principal because they worship this enabler). When 10 years go by, and you realize that Sandusky isn’t behind bars, that would probably alarm a person right? Maybe someone like me or you, but not Joe Pa. I mean the guy had a football program to run. What’s more important, winning games or stopping kids from getting diddled? I don’t understand Penn State and never will. Happy Valley is a fantasy land compared to the rest of the world, and sadly that will never change. If it’s revealed tomorrow that Jim Calhoun (who won more national championships in less years than the “legendary” Joe Pa NBD, but KBD) was letting kids get raped for 10 years, I don’t think anyone would complain if they change the name of Jim Calhoun Way in front of Gampel. But hey, I guess Storrs just lacks the brainwashed, cult mentality that is ever so present in Happy Valley. #WeAre


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