GAME 1: Newest Member of the Familia Can’t Change Old Issues


Here it is for you real quick, Mets get out to an early lead to a now human-like Strasburg but like the Mets of the past it’s the bullpen that screws the perfect opening day story for a resurgent club with a lot to prove. Bobby Parnell, who every one should now know is the most one-dimensional pitcher around. Sure he is a fireballer, but he has nothing else going for him. Enough said, when the game is on the line like usual he finds a way to blow the save opportunity, and allowing the fans to get some free baseball (For those who stuck around, looked pretty empty to me). Then Terry throws out Jeurys Familia…. This is when it was tough to watch. Lack of control, two basehits, some wild pitches and a sac fly later and the Mets were down a run. Finally, he gets the hook, and then John Lannan gives up a 3-run homer, and that is how you don’t close out a baseball game.

Once the Mets get your hopes up, be ready for disappointment……. Until David Wright steps up and proves he earned the title of “Face of the MLB” and clutch AF. Oh yea the Mets still lose… but all this means is the Mets are one game closer to the playoffs. #optiMETStic



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