White Man’s Burden: Show Love Some Love

SHOW him love

What’s up with all of this talk about LaMarcus Aldridge getting all of this MVP talk. I’m tired year after year Kevin Love getting disgraced by the league, and other analysts by putting up other names in front of him. Sure LaMarcus is having an excellent season, and had a very good outing on Wed. adding 32 points and grabbing 18 boards. But if you look at the numbers, they don’t lie.(sorry for punning that terrible ESPN show that they use to fill time while all of us sports fans are at work.) But Love even this year is still averaging more points, rebounds and assists then Aldridge. In addition, Kevin shows more versatility by shooting 39% from three this season.

The numbers clearly love K.Love, then why is this an argument. Part of the reason has to be because Kevin is whiter than a marshmallow. We the fans love athletic play and that’s why he is often forgotten about. He isn’t flashy or have any “Swag” but the man stuffs stat sheets better than my mother stuffed our turkey this year at Thanksgiving.  In my opinion, a guy that is consistently top 5 in the league in points and rebounds, is pretty “Swag”ed out. He doesn’t need a nickname, or some arm sleeves to make me realize that when he steps on the court he will deliver some extraordinary numbers.

Although, I sadly realize that once again we will give this MVP award to the greatest player of our generation (Mr. LeBron James) and that much of this argument will be useless I will not give up. I live in a country that pulled one of the biggest upsets of all-time (sorry for the reminder UK readers) and if that has taught me anything its not to give up. That is why I would like to announce, that Dart Boy Sports will be leading/launching the Kevin Love for MVP campaign “Show Him LOVE”.  I think that all of us K.Love supporters can gather together and generate enough noise we can allow our hero to finally gain enough support to help finally capture that trophy that has eluded him before.


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